Today’s busy schedule calls for easy movement and comfort. This bamboo skirt is just the piece to carry me through the day and maybe out tonight! The fit is perfect and it’s so soft and comfortable. I topped it with a simple sweater that is slightly boxy to balance the straight lines of the skirt. One of my go-to pair of booties will make meetings and deliveries a breeze today but still look pulled together. Funky earrings and layered necklace start off my jewelry. I finished with a vintage bracelet and handmade ring. I’m adding a brown leather day clutch to make the outfit easy and stylish. Happy Friday everyone!

L1060592 L1060597 L1060607 L1060610 L1060615 L1060616 L1060623


Skirt: Taupe (Lancaster, PA)
Sweater: Zara
Earrings: Mio Studio (Lancaster, PA)
Necklaces: find similar to stack at Free People
Ring: Sophie Stargazer (Lancaster, PA)
Bracelet: vintage but find similar at Hinesite (Lancaster, PA)

One thought on “bamboo

  1. Deb, what an awesome outfit! You and Dawn always look so stylish!!! Great pieces as well!
    Thank you for sharing…

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