Something I know people struggle with from time to time is how to dress down a piece they feel is “dressy.” I think there’s very little you can’t dress down these days and give it a casual twist. I love this black sheer blouse…it is so versatile. During the day I put a simple black cami under it to make it more work and meeting appropriate. Today I paired it with off black jeans and it’s ready to go! You could also pair this with dark wash jeans or colored coated jeans in the Fall. Or, tuck it into a pencil skirt. To dress it up, simply remove the cami and add a fancy bra (use a black bra if you’re a little uncomfortable with too much showing) and a sparkly pair of earrings…distressed jeans would be a great mix for a night look. I added a snakeskin pair of heels for some texture, but boots could also work really well with this outfit if heels aren’t your thing. The white clutch is vintage and has a great tortoiseshell pattern on the handle. In keeping with the neutral theme I had going today, I added a large silver cuff. This one just drapes on your wrist–LOVE it! A pair of rings, one acrylic with crystals and one handmade black ebony, complement one of my favorite pairs of earrings. These large silver hoops look different all the time because they move around in the post…they also are a pair that can dress up or dress down. So easy, I go to these all the time!

So, don’t be afraid to take that dressy blouse and give it new life on casual Friday…enjoy!

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 Blouse: Matty M at Sophie Stargazer
Jeans: Level 99 at Sophie Stargazer
Clutch: Vintage from Hinesite…check inventory often!
Rings: Mio Studio (black) and Sophie Stargazer (acrylic)
Earrings: Mio Studio
Bracelet: Liquid Metal from The Charlotte Shoppe
Shoes: Louboutin (current styles herehere and here)

Artwork featured: Loryn Spangler-Jones

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