a little bit of orange

Happy Halloween! I can remember as a kid being so excited for trick or treating…the treats when I was younger and the tricks when I got older! I hope you get lots of treats today.

Since this weekend is rumored to be cold here in PA, I broke out a wool scarf. It’s timely being that it is plaid and orange…I thought it added a nice little punk-preppy twist to the OTK boots and leather jacket. You can’t go wrong with a black leather jacket so if you don’t have one, I would highly suggest you add it to your “must have” list. Skinny jeans slide perfectly into the boots and don’t bunch. I hate when I tuck jeans in boots and they bunch so make sure you’re picking the right pair to put with the appropriate boot style. A simple black blouse keeps it dressy but not too much. I layered on a vintage bracelet and some newer ones and then added a leather clutch with the same orange repeated from the scarf to pull it together. My friend Erica at Mio Studio made me these fantastic custom earrings. They are the perfect ending to this outfit.

L1070809 L1070816 L1070819 L1070822


Leather jacket (very special and passed on to me) find similar here or here
Skinny Jeans: Level 99 from Sophie Stargazer
Black Blouse: Sophie Stargazer
Orange Plaid Scarf (last years version): but check Festoon or Taupe locally or here
Earrings: Mio Studio
OTK Boots: DSW (bought locally so check it out…)
Vintage Bracelet (hand-me-down) but find similar at Hinesite
Other Bracelets: Stella and Dot
Clutch: Boticca but check out Taupe locally for some cool clutch bags!

Enjoy! And, don’t forget to catch my monthly blogs on Susquehanna Style.


As cooler weather moved in this week I was looking for a way to keep wearing one of my summer dresses. So, to get more mileage out of it, I layered a 3/4 sleeve t-shirt under it. Instead of bare legs, I decided to slip on a pair of skinny straight-legged jeans. For me, I looked for a pair that was very form-fitting so it didn’t add any extra bulk under the dress and worked more like a pair of leggings. Equestrian style boots add the right Fall focus. The bird scarf adds a little bit of whimsy and pattern. It feels amazing around your neck too! For the jewelry I chose earrings and a cuff with more of a tribal feel. The leopard bag brings in another pattern and compliments the warm tones of the boots.

This could also be an easy weekend outfit whether you are meeting friends for brunch or running errands!

stripesbirds cuff earrings leopard bag

Shift dress: Sophie Stargazer
Bird scarf: Festoon
Skinny Jeans: Level 99 found at Sophie Stargazer
Bag: vintage, try Hinesite or Mommalicious
Earrings: Here to Timbuktu
Cuff: Piperlime but you can try Festoon or Taupe locally
Boots: no longer available, but try here and here for similar


a cape

I have debated a cape purchase for a couple of seasons now…I love my ponchos so I figured I would love a cape. Especially in the Fall when it just starts getting colder at night. So, I found one I liked and took the plunge! This cape has an orange chevron pattern on it with pink satin lining. Even though I don’t like the color pink, the contrast in the colors is fun and energizing even if I am the only one who really sees the inside. The attention to detail though is wonderful from the cool buttons and stitching to the amazing bag it came in. Seriously, how can you not love a purchase that comes in a cool black bag on a hanger so it’s all ready to go when you get it!! Oh–it has zippered pockets and was handmade. If you are Lucky Mag subscriber, there is a deal in the October (pretty sure it was this one) issue.

You could wear a cape with anything and dress it up or down. Today, I chose a pair of off-black skinny jeans and a favorite t-shirt. I’m still having trouble with my back so flat boots were in order. I kept everything else simple…a vintage ring and bag matched up with a wide cuff and handmade earrings that I have had forever.

L1070701L1070718L1070734L1070725L1070740Jeans: Level 99 available at Sophie Stargazer
Vintage ring and bag: Hinesite
Cape: Leslie Tessler
Cuff: Undone but you could also find at Taupe or Festoon
Earrings: not available anymore but try Taupe for similar style
Boots: try here or here




This week has been a rough one starting with me throwing out my back. So, my wardrobe had to be adjusted each day based on whether I was able to stand up straight, walk or sit. And, it had to include flats. That was a bit of a challenge for me…I like flats on other people…I hear they are supposed to be better for you than heels…but not my favorite look for me! However, when your body hurts, you need to listen.

My back is starting to feel better and I can actually walk, sort of. So, I thought this week’s look should incorporate something comfortable but still polished. I started with a new pair of snakeskin slip-on sneakers and boyfriend jeans. Black shirts of any kind elevate an outfit in my opinion so that’s my go-to. I paired the outfit with a long gray sweater instead of a jacket (but a jacket would work just as well); added in a contrasting belt and geometric earrings. The light gray bag is structured and can be a crossbody or carried by the handle as shown here. I love the orange stripe…it’s just the punch of color this outfit needed.

I hope to be back in heels next week!

L1070672 L1070687 L1070689 L1070693 L1070698Snakeskin Sneakers: found here; also loving these. Find similar locally here.
Turtleneck: Festoon
Boyfriend Jeans: Level 99 at Sophie Stargazer
Cardigan Long Sweater: find similar at Festoon or That Shuu Girl and also here
Earrings: Mio Studio
Bracelet: purchased on my honeymoon but find great ones at Festoon locally
Ring: purchased on a trip but look at Mio Studio for unusual rings
Bag: ASOS also like this and this




I have to say I’ve recently become a huge fan of the jumpsuit! I picked up a few for the summer and loved how easy they made getting dressed. I started looking for my Fall replacements and was pleased to find there are still so many options…I picked up a great geometric pattern jumpsuit recently. I’ll be wearing that to a fundraising event supporting a friend’s company tonight. Look for pics later this evening! I also picked up this all black version made of the softest cotton ever–I know already this one is going to become a favorite.

For work, I would pull on a sweater or add a jacket. The low cut front makes it very elegant for an evening out. A simple black leather jacket is all you need to pull an evening look together. I kept the jewelry pretty simple today choosing to pair oversized earrings with a custom-made ring and a vintage ring. The bright blue leather clutch adds just the right punch to the overall outfit. These shoes look crazy high but they are truly comfortable and they always make a statement.

L1070456 L1070465 L1070478 L1070481 L1070490 L1070510Jumpsuit: find the geometric one I got at Festoon; my  black version is here
Earrings and black custom ring: Mio Studio
Vintage Ring: a gift, but try Hinesite for similar
Clutch: old but try Taupe, Sophie Stargazer and That Shuu Girl locally or see these
Heels: Stuart Weitzman (and on sale!)

Enjoy your weekend!
If you’re in Lancaster, check out Art Walk