Ok, I just need some warm weather and a hint that tulips are around the corner! And, I’m sure I’m not alone this year. So, even though it is cold out, I felt drawn to this shift dress. I know I usually pick black but as soon as I saw this, I loved the vibrant colors and snatched it up! The shift style is really easy to wear and it’s so comfortable. Plus, you can dress it up or dress it down. I can pair it up with a sweater or jacket. Today I added OTK suede boots, gold jewelry and a neutral leather clutch.



L1080330Shift Dress: Taupe
Gray Suede Boots: Ivanka Trump or try these
Gold Earrings: a gift but find similar here and here; try Festoon locally
Rings: vintage but find great styles at Hinesite
Tan Clutch: an old favorite but here are some others
Pinstripe Jacket: old but find similar here

Enjoy your weekend!


shoes, shoes and shoes

Anyone who knows me, knows my motto is “Life is short. Buy the shoes.” I’m not sure I will ever get enough of shoes or boots. They are always changing: new trends, new colors and now since I hurt my back, I have had to explore new heel heights. Today, I am taking a break from my usual post because Rob and I are on our way to New York City for a weekend of sights, shopping and…shoes! One of the first things on our list is a trip to the Brooklyn Museum for the exhibition Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe. I am so excited! So, in honor of this weekend, I’m posting some of my favorite personal shoes and what they mean to me.

The black and white pair sticking out were a birthday present to myself when I turned 50. I love them and feel so good wearing them. They are making the trip to NYC.
L1080312The tan booties peeking out were a find on the last day of our trip to Paris years ago. I have had them re-heeled once already. They regularly make appearances during the summer.

Over the knee style boots have really become some of my favorites, especially with the cold weather this year. My black leather flats are hitting the streets with me today.


I think black and gray are probably the most prominent colors in my shoe collection.

L1080309 L1080314
L1080308Believe it or not, I did not really have a taupe pair of heels. So, my newest addition is this pair which I just got in LA.

I found a few fun facts about shoes on WhoWhatWear and thought a few of them would be good to share today:

  • Men were the first to wear heels! For centuries, heels signified a high social standing rather than gender. It was also crucial for men riding horses to have a heel on their boot in order to stay in their stirrups.
  • The average American woman has at least 19 pairs of shoes in their closet. Let’s just say in this category I am WAY above average!
  • The first pair of right- and left-footed shoes was made in Philadelphia.
  • Science can explain your shoe addiction. According to Suzanne Ferriss, PhD, editor of the book Footnotes: On Shoes, “Shoes are a collector’s item, whether women realize they perceive them that way or not,” she says, and buying them triggers an area of the brain’s prefrontal cortex called the collecting spot. Ahhh, that’s it!
  • The most expensive shoes ever sold for $660,000. They were Dorothy’s ruby red slippers from one of my all-time favorite movies,‘The Wizard of Oz’. The original pair sold at an auction in 2000.


Plan a trip: Brooklyn Museum
Most collected brand in my collection: Stuart Weitzman

So, grab your favorite pair of shoes and enjoy the weekend! Watch my Instagram feed for pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!


I thought last week was cold but it’s got nothin’ on today! It was a balmy -10 with the wind chill this morning. So, I figured it would be best to wrap myself up in something cozy.

This warm brown wrap sweater does the trick for today. It’s really versatile and can be worn open or belted. I prefer it belted because I like it to make a little bit of a waist and give me some shape! My go-to black t is layered underneath and finished with skinny jeans. The boots were a fun score when I was in LA. I love the pocket detail on the sides and the cool pointed toe.

I added some vintage and new rings, a cuff and fabulous earrings that cascade down to the sweater. When I need to head out today, I’ll be bundling up in this leopard print jacket topped off with an orange plaid blanket scarf…this coat is so warm. None of my new coats are as warm as this vintage one. Love it!

sweater2 earrings sweater3 cuff coat1 boots

 Sweater: (old) but similar here and on sale!
Boots: International Citizen Design House check these out for something similar
Earrings: Mio Studio (catch them Feb 20: American Craft Council Baltimore Show)
T-shirt: J.Crew (and on sale this weekend with code from website!)
Jeans: Level 99 and available at Sophie Stargazer
Vintage Coat: Hinesite
Rings: gold band (handmade and purchased on a trip); blue vintage from Mommalicious
Cuff: Undone
Lip gloss: JulVADI available at Sophie Stargazer

Enjoy! Keep warm out there this weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day!


So, I came back from LA this week to cold, just plain cold. A little bit of sun (not quite like LA…) and single digit temps at night. Today, it is still going to be cold. I need to be out and about so I’m feeling warm and comfortable are in order.

These boyfriend jeans are just baggy enough but not sloppy. I loosely tucked a charcoal gray sweater in and then belted them. The black and white shoes are one of my favorite pairs…I tend not to wear them much in winter but I felt today might be a good day to switch up from boots! I always find a scarf of any kind helps keep you warm just by wrapping it around your neck. This is a beautiful silky one I picked up years ago. It adds a nice bit of color and texture to the outfit. I paired silver jewelry with this outfit and an animal print crossbody.

djb7 bracelets1 scarf scarf2 shoes1Boyfriend Jeans: Level 99 from Sophie Stargazer
Gray V-Neck sweater: JCrew or check the selection at Taupe
Scarf: bought years ago but check out Festoon or Taupe for a great selection
Hoop Earrings: Festoon
Bracelets: MantraBand; Stella & Dot from Sophie Stargazer, vintage from Hinesite
Shoes: old Jeffrey Campbell so try these or these
Crossbody bag: try this or this for similar

Brave the cold this weekend in Lancaster and check out a great art auction at Annex24 on Friday and the Roots & Blues Festival both Friday and Saturday. Enjoy!