Grateful. It’s a simple word but carries so much meaning and is difficult sometimes to “see.” I passed the one year mark of my first injection in my back; I’m coming up on the one year mark of my second injection (and hopefully my last). When I started that journey I said to myself I would be really pleased if I hit one year and still had no pain return. It’s here and no pain. I did not do that alone…Rob was a huge supporter and didn’t let me quit; Dawn Cox at Prana Functional Manual Therapy didn’t let me quit; and Stacey Little at Pilates Synergy didn’t let me quit. They believed in me. I believed in me. That support and ownership to get better motivated me.

In the year since then so much has happened. I’ve passed the one year mark in a new job which challenges and pushes me to be better every day. I’ve traveled to beautiful places building memories. Saw an endangered whale. Tried vermouth…not as a mixer, but as a drink. Who knew that could be so good! And, discovered I can still rock a pair of heels.

I didn’t think I would like the lower block heel style which is popular right now but give them a try…they are really comfortable as well as stylish. I’ve put them with distressed boyfriend jeans today but they work equally as well with a flow dress or skirt or wide leg culottes. I’m also really loving the return of I paired two vintage ones from different eras but I think the contrast works really well. There’s something about a choker that gives a regular outfit an edgy spark.





Distressed Jeans: Level 99 available at Sophie Stargazer
T-shirt: Sol Angeles
Chokers: the round gold one is from my mom and the other is from a local vintage shop
Block heels: got these in LA but check out these
Pilates Synergy
Prana Functional Manual Therapy


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