I have been loving the choker trend ever since it came back around! While I’ve added several new ones to my collection, I also have many I wore back in the 80s; a few vintage ones and even one from my mom!

This is the one from my mom! I get so many compliments on it.

Sometimes with thinner chokers, I will layer them with other petite necklaces. This gives an overall casual look. But, there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple and elegant by using one choker.

Generally, I tend to keep cool tones with silvers and warm with golds or rose golds, but every now and then I will mix the metals for an easy-going, casual look.

When I’m wearing a choker I pay close attention to my earrings and necklines. Layers of chokers look best with deep v-necks. Crew necks are best with one simple choker and off the shoulder handles the more dramatic or wide chokers. Wide chokers also look great with a sheer v-neck. I’ll often mirror a choker pattern or style with my earrings. Round hoops with silver round metal details as shown above. If it’s a dramatic necklace, I tend to keep my earrings simple. Add a cocktail ring and you’re ready to face the day!

These round ball earrings are so fun! While they can be a statement on their own, I think they can totally handle a wide choker too.

Don’t leave your longer chains out of the mix either! Layer a long simple chain with a smaller choker. This special birthday gift makes it super easy by coming as a complete set…no guesswork! It’s also a mix of metals for added flexibility.

Simple gold: Free People
Velvet & Silver: Dannijo (not available) but loving this one! Or this.
Wide Mauve: That Shuu Girl
Wide Gray Suede: Free People (not available) but check this out.
Pearls: Taupe
Layered Choker: Taupe
Black Ball Earrings: Festoon

I hear we might have warmer weather this weekend…get out and take a walk! I’ll see you downtown. Enjoy