the weekend: tour de france

Started off the weekend with a Tour de France breakfast gathering!┬áHad a great morning with a few friends watching Stage 14 of the race, eating some yummy local goodies and getting a little dressed up…

If you ever get to Lancaster, must see stops would include Central Market for items like the fresh berries, yogurt, jams and granola. A favorite breakfast stop for Rob and I (see Rob’s debut in this blog below) on Saturdays is La Dolce Vita where we get freshly made biscotti, croissants and cookies topped off with a latte. El Jardin Flowers which is just around the corner from us made the breakfast shine with beautiful sunflowers!

L1060702 L1060706 L1060708 L1060715 L1060759 L1060720 L1060735 L1060725 L1060732 L1060737 L1060740 L1060749 L1060750 L1060756 L1060761Skater style skirt: That Shuu Girl
T-shirt: Spreadshirt
Boots: Miista
Jewelry: Hinesite, Restoration Spa & City Folk
Flowers: El Jardin
Pastries: La Dolce Vita
Granola & Bread: Ric’s Bread
Central Market