Do you struggle with traveling as much as I do? If it involves an airplane these days, there is alot to consider. Carry-on or checked? Is this 3.4 oz or less? Does lotion count as a liquid? Purse and a tote or purse in a tote? Hot or cold when I arrive? Freezing on the plane? And, of course…what shoes?!

Today I am headed off for a long weekend away and it involves a plane so here’s my run-down:

  1. Carry-on always these days. I hate waiting for my bag and hoping it’s there!
  2. I keep a handy supply of my essentials that are all under 3.4 oz. Always ready to go! Stock up on samples of your favorites whenever you can.
  3. Yes lotion counts…get clear bottles to put some of your favorites into so they fall under the ounce limit.
  4. Tote…pack the purse! I can fit all my magazines, boarding passes, wallet, phone and essentials in a stylish tote. It also holds my scarf which I always have on a plane because, well, I’m always cold on a flight. Loving this silver tote I’m taking this time. It’s going to work great as my “day bag” when I arrive and will go with everything.
  5. It will be hot when I arrive, so lighter wear for the plane but still comfortable and layers. The layers can go when I arrive and I’m left with an outfit ready to hit the town! This long cardigan is stylish, comfortable and keeps me warm but not sweating. The dress I’m wearing today is super comfy and moves well; looks great when I get off the plane. If you’re traveling on business you could also toss on a blazer over this dress and head to meetings straight off the plane.
  6. I’m always cold on the plane…I never travel without a scarf and some kind of sweater. A jacket only when necessary. Both are in tow today.
  7. The shoes…more times than not, I opt for boots or booties. And, yes, I keep them flat (or a low heel)! You never know when you might need to hustle to the next flight. If they slip off easily all the better when it’s a long flight.

L1080655 L1080650 L1080662

 Dress: Susana Monaco available at Taupe
Cardigan: (old) try this one; loving this one
Silver Tote: Taupe
Booties: (old) but try these or these for something similar
Bracelet: Charlotte Shoppe
Scarf: Leigh & Luca or try Taupe or Festoon locally

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy.

distressed skinny

I’ve been on the hunt for a comfortable pair of distressed skinnies and I think I found them! These fit perfectly in boots which is essential this time of year and yet they are still comfortable; holding up all day without sagging. A perfect black cardigan with t-shirt layered underneath keeps the outfit polished but still comfortable. A fun infinity scarf will keep the cold off my neck. I kept my jewelry simple with silver hoops and ring. The ankle length of these jeans lets them easily be changed up for a night out with a great pair of heels and a sheer blouse.

I’m really loving oversized clutches recently, especially for day. I think they add an unexpected twist to a daytime look. This one not only adds that twist but the gorgeous green leather adds a punch of color. It’s large enough to carry all the essentials and you can even tuck a small notebook or iPAD into it for meetings.


IMG_0906 IMG_0908 IMG_0914 IMG_0915

Distressed Skinny Jeans: AG; also loving these Level 99 (find jeans at Sophie Stargazer)
Cardigan: Old Navy (on sale!); also check Taupe locally
Boots: Rag and Bone (gray on sale!); here’s a cool wedge pair that would look great (find Frye boots at Charlotte Shoppe too)
Scarf: Marshalls but check out Festoon and Sophie Stargazer too
Earrings: Festoon
Ring: purchased on a trip but check out this and this
Clutch: ClareV; Taupe has beautiful clutches as well

If you are out and about tonight, please be sure to make a donation to the organization(s) of your choice as part of the Extraordinary Give. Stop by Characters Pub where I will be after 6 for Leadership Lancaster. Enjoy!


As cooler weather moved in this week I was looking for a way to keep wearing one of my summer dresses. So, to get more mileage out of it, I layered a 3/4 sleeve t-shirt under it. Instead of bare legs, I decided to slip on a pair of skinny straight-legged jeans. For me, I looked for a pair that was very form-fitting so it didn’t add any extra bulk under the dress and worked more like a pair of leggings. Equestrian style boots add the right Fall focus. The bird scarf adds a little bit of whimsy and pattern. It feels amazing around your neck too! For the jewelry I chose earrings and a cuff with more of a tribal feel. The leopard bag brings in another pattern and compliments the warm tones of the boots.

This could also be an easy weekend outfit whether you are meeting friends for brunch or running errands!

stripesbirds cuff earrings leopard bag

Shift dress: Sophie Stargazer
Bird scarf: Festoon
Skinny Jeans: Level 99 found at Sophie Stargazer
Bag: vintage, try Hinesite or Mommalicious
Earrings: Here to Timbuktu
Cuff: Piperlime but you can try Festoon or Taupe locally
Boots: no longer available, but try here and here for similar



Something I know people struggle with from time to time is how to dress down a piece they feel is “dressy.” I think there’s very little you can’t dress down these days and give it a casual twist. I love this black sheer blouse…it is so versatile. During the day I put a simple black cami under it to make it more work and meeting appropriate. Today I paired it with off black jeans and it’s ready to go! You could also pair this with dark wash jeans or colored coated jeans in the Fall. Or, tuck it into a pencil skirt. To dress it up, simply remove the cami and add a fancy bra (use a black bra if you’re a little uncomfortable with too much showing) and a sparkly pair of earrings…distressed jeans would be a great mix for a night look. I added a snakeskin pair of heels for some texture, but boots could also work really well with this outfit if heels aren’t your thing. The white clutch is vintage and has a great tortoiseshell pattern on the handle. In keeping with the neutral theme I had going today, I added a large silver cuff. This one just drapes on your wrist–LOVE it! A pair of rings, one acrylic with crystals and one handmade black ebony, complement one of my favorite pairs of earrings. These large silver hoops look different all the time because they move around in the post…they also are a pair that can dress up or dress down. So easy, I go to these all the time!

So, don’t be afraid to take that dressy blouse and give it new life on casual Friday…enjoy!

L1060985 L1060995 L1070008 L1070021 L1070029 L1070034

 Blouse: Matty M at Sophie Stargazer
Jeans: Level 99 at Sophie Stargazer
Clutch: Vintage from Hinesite…check inventory often!
Rings: Mio Studio (black) and Sophie Stargazer (acrylic)
Earrings: Mio Studio
Bracelet: Liquid Metal from The Charlotte Shoppe
Shoes: Louboutin (current styles herehere and here)

Artwork featured: Loryn Spangler-Jones