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I am continually reminded why I love Lancaster. The spirit here and the incredible talent all around us is something not to be taken for granted. I hope as our city continues to grow and thrive we don’t loose our roots and soul.

As a woman working and living here I also am humbled by all the amazing women we have in the city creating positive role models for the young girls watching. And, they are watching…my wicked smart niece reminds me of that every time I am around her. Today, I’d like to shout out to two such women who are coming together around fashion (hello, one of my favorite subjects!). If you have a chance to stop by Taupe today between 10-3 you will catch Renie demonstrating her beautifully handcrafted jewelry that’s made here in Lancaster. It’s full of options and style and offered exclusively at Taupe. Barb and her wonderful staff will be there to welcome you as they always do! These are kind, beautiful women who are all coming together to support each other’s businesses and give clients a fun experience!

Have a great weekend everyone…enjoy!