I love it when a dress has options! Any outfit that can be worn multiple ways is an absolute  “win” in my book. This is especially true when traveling or during the holiday season when you need pieces to carry you through multiple events and places.

This dress fits that bill. Super comfy, simple black and a sleek silhouette make it perfect for  about any occasion.

It can go casual with an oversized sweater on top — this would look even better with a gray sweater for contrast but you know me, black is “go-to.” Or, pair it with a long vest for a completely different look. Here, I put it with a pair of booties but I wore it home on a plane with gold converse sneakers and it looked amazing!

l1100396Or, keep it classic and simple with nothing but a great bag and boots. This can take you to any holiday party! Dress it up with statement earrings or heels. If you wear it to work with a slouchy sweater and flats and then quickly change to heels, lose the sweater and you’re ready for a night out with friends or co-workers.

l1100408_2 l1100405 l1100381

Black dress: Taupe
Bag: Jennifer Haley at Taupe
Brown Vest: That Shuu Girl

It’s First Friday! Hope to run into you at the galleries tonight…enjoy!